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Roy Sadakane

  Sheen Educational Foundation - Governing Board of Directors

Our Governing Board provides mission-based leadership and strategic governance for the Sheenway Schools in South Los Angeles, California, & the bush Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa.  

Serving on our Governing Board is an extraordinary and unique opportunity for members who are passionate about our vision and mission, deeply committed to its values and beliefs, and are skilled leaders with a track record of effective governance experience.

Active support includes professional input and financial considerations to continue filling the voids of the underserved with qualitative local education and cultural enrichments, and utilizing this learning and teaching experience in ongoing and progressive pedagogic strategies for success in life learning and achievement.

To learn more about the Governing Board of Directors, and/ or upcoming opportunities to serve or volunteer please contact us with a statement of interest.


Sheen Educational Foundation

        Sheenway School and Culture Center                      


Janice Marie- Johnson - President

Benitha Blakely

Andrea Gronkowski

Arif Amlani 

Ifeadikanwa Anyim

Neil Joseph,Esq.

Pattie Ehsaei

Erin Blunt



Sandy Rand - President, Sheenway USA

Dawn Sutherland - President, Sheenway Ghana

Elsa Chahin

Erin D. Blunt

Joseph Nichols, Esq.

Tracy Porter, Esq.

Sir Viv Richards

Sir Ian McKellan

David Sentance

Mustafa Khan

Gabrielle Carteris

Hon. Maxine Waters

Michael Murphy, CPA

Chiquita Duplessis-Turner

Charlene Adams

Jejuanna Johnson

Helen Bar-Lev

Cheryl Iiams



Richard Pryor

Charles Freeman

Dr. Charles Sheen 

Constance Sheen

Hon. Billy Mills

Dr. Jester Hairston

Dr. Richard Boolootian

Olivia Cole

Rev. James Cleveland

Doulat Amlani

Ruby Dee

Togbe Nupke II

Marcellus Channing

Lotus Weinstock

Terry Marcus

Joan Davis-Ratteray

Leo Magnus

Gerry Day

Willie Harmon

Eva Wright






Dolores Sheen  AKA 'Aunt Dolores'


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