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Sheenway Student Bakery

 Active since 1980, the Sheenway Student Bakery offers an entrepreneurial experience to striving youth of Watts and South Central Los Angeles.  The integration of academic and social skills with  tools and platforms for operating a functional business is a pathway for higher learning and expanded career choices.  The steady growth of satisfied patrons supports imminent plans for mobile sales - an expansion that will accommodate a unique food service, increase local job opportunities, and provide hands-on-experience for a working intra-community task force.

The vision of Dr. Herbert Sheen continues!

Janice Marie Johnson / Board of Directors President - Sheen Educational Foundation


Sheenway Student Bakery ~ Customer Responses

I have tasted a lot of pumpkin bread during my life but nothing as good as the Sheenway Student Bakery pumpkin bread!  What a treat.  Thank you so much.   - Karen Daniels

"Sheenway's student bakery products are perfect for gifts of all types. They are beautifully packaged with clear wrapping, nice labels and even holiday-themed ribbons. I have given the pumpkin bread loaves as party favors and office gifts, and people absolutely love them! How nice to be able to find a perfect gift that also serves a great cause."  - Sandy Rand


 "The Sheenway Student Bakery is brimming with many learning opportunities.  I am pleased to be associated with the Sheen ‘way’ of education:  innovative, striving for excellence, and funded exclusively from the private sphere.”

 L.B. Byers


"I devoured it!!  It is moist, chewy and not too sweet.  "Many thanks to the bakers of such marvelous Pumpkin Bread!


Good luck with that SMASHIN’  PUMPKIN  BREAD!"

Sir Ian Mc Kellen


T.G.I.F. (Traveling the Globe is Fun)

T.G.I.F. is a campus/community project that enhances and enriches youth via local, national and international travel.


S.S.C.C. (Sheenway Serendipity Cricket Club)

S.S.C.C, sanctioned by the California jr. Cricket Association, is included in our athletic program for developing good sportsmanship, fair conduct, and critical thinking skills.  Local, national and international travel is associative. 


Tea and Symphanthy - A social club

T&S is a coed social club to develop awareness and outreach against victims of human and sex trafficking with focus on a buddy system.


Herve's Ferme / 4-H Club

A farm husbandry and garden program which includes food study and home crafts.  Tv actor Herve Villechaize supported our first community garden.



Sheenway Theater Arts Repertory Company - Performing Arts (dance, drama, voice-diction, music, choral, grooming/modeling)


The Sheenway Experience is....

Project-Based Teaching/Learning

     With utilization, this approach sees a boost in student and parent interest and involvement.  The more real-world connectedness, the better!  Project=based teaching ad learning harnesses the natural human desire to problem-solve and make a difference.  The basic lesson provides the structure and then the innovations of teacher and student take over – golden eacher and learner moments.


     An inclusive classroom is one in which students with physical, cognitive learning, or social-emotional disabilities, learn alongside multi-grade/level developing peers.

Whole-child Approach

     Whole-child education (what makes each student ‘tick’) nurtures children in every way – academically, physically, emotionally, and socially.  This approach encourages teachers to meet and understand the unique circumstances that every child brings with him/her into the classroom.  The goal is to ensure that we are meeting all of the students’ needs, including the development of social-emotional skills such as empathy – as well as basic health needs, such as nutritious meals, hygiene and exercise.  We do not treat negative or inappropriate acting-out behavior as ‘something wrong’ - we instead focus on factors outside school (and even inside school) which prove to be indicators that are creating those behaviors – understanding and resolving with innovative implementation, to create golden teacher and learner moments.

Flexible Seating and Work Areas

     Sheenway offers students comfy and flexible seating and working spaces within an intimate but spacious living environ to support and nurture focus and engagement. The Sheenway One World Classroom is “a home away from home”!


    The Sheeenway Experience continues to foster STEEAMM highlights – with today’s challenges, youth need these skills more than ever!


…must be ever-present in Sheenway’s ambience.  These goals of accomplishment are not mutually exclusive but complementary,  and fully support problem solving skills (critical thinking).  Teachers are willing to learn and take risks along with students in the ever-changing climate of progressive living. 

Personalized Learning

     Not all students are the same, developmentally, so teaching and learning strategy may have to be changed, daily or even hourly, prn, without referencing a lesson plan.  Personalized learning takes a concept and runs with it as the teacher customizes lessons, goals, and assessments for the diverse student in the classroom and/or  field trips.  The goal is to keep standards and expectations high, but to adjust them, if indicated, from student to student, with consideration of the child’s abilities and his/her skill thermometer.  In other words, the classroom and exterior campus is a conducive site of country-schooling in a shared environ.  Teachers are learning facilitators, sometime fracturing grade definition standards.  This personalized learning allows the student to progress at his/her own pace, outside the institutional school-grade structure.  Our teaching colony are classroom innovators – energized and excited about school every day!



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