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Sheen Educational Foundation

        Sheenway School and Culture Center                      

Sheenway School and Culture Center

2021/2022 School Year 



Sheenway School will continue open enrollment, with full campus  programs tentatively planned for early 2022.

Online classes, with intermittent pod support, begin September 20, 2021.  Family orientations commence September 13, 2021.  

With COVID cautionary consideration, calendared agenda is subject to change.
We offer our full support to our children during these difficult times. We must band together and continue to gift our children with total education and life

learning skills. Sheenway is where our students learn and love, and families grow in community.  This has been our legacy to the community for 50 years!

                                                                                                         "A child is a promise of immortality."
                                                                                                                Herbert A. Sheen, M.D.



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