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Sheen Educational Foundation

        Sheenway School and Culture Center                      


Sheenway School and Culture Center

2024 School Year 


Sheenway School continues open enrollment for day school and Saturday enrichment classes, with full campus sessions planned for 

2024 subsequent to COVID jurisdictions and other cautionary considerations.


Currently, online classes have modified into an exciting route to the preface of our new EduTech (international) Lab.  Students are receiving  weekly

learning kits to partner 'hands-on' instructions and experiments, closely modeling the interactive classroom experience, as we brace for the inevitable

challenges of the new frontier of education.


 Sheenway One World School House


Grades 1-8 (includes transitional pedagogy through grade 9)


The Sheenway experience is benefit to the student with undeveloped learning/comprehension, and the student needing challenging curriculum for advanced continua.


 Sheenway One World School House Registration/Tuition Fees


Registration-one student: $500.00    ( $300.00 Grants available for those who qualify)

Annual Tuition (10 months) - one student:   $5,280.00

Monthly Tuition -one student: $528.00 (Scholarships are available: 50% grants for those who qualify)



Enrichment Sessions: Sheenway Saturday Youth & Teen Club

Registration:  $25 per student (One-time registration fee includes school t-shirt & some class materials)

Tuition: $20.00 every four weeks.



                                                                                                                "A child is a promise of immortality."
                                                                                                                         Herbert A. Sheen, M.D.






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