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Active since 1981, the Sheenway Student Bakery offers an entrepreneurial experience to striving youth of Watts and South Los Angeles.  The integration of academic and social skills with  tools and platforms for operating a functional business is a pathway for higher learning and expanded career choices.  The steady growth of satisfied patrons supports imminent plans for mobile sales - an expansion that will accommodate a unique food service, increase local job opportunities, and provide hands-on-experience for a working intra-community task force.  The vision of Dr. Herbert Sheen continues!



Professional Readiness & Entrepreneurial Proficiency


Preparing local youth to become tomorrow’s business leaders & entrepreneurs. 
Follow their footprints into tomorrow....baking bread for a better future!



Students learn to prep, bake, package, market and sell delicious proprietary Sheenway baked goods, while acquiring valuable entrepreneurial and business skills, practical work experience, and significant improvement to their personal presentation capabilities-Skills that can make an enormous contribution to life success.


Stay tuned for more information on our Ghana P.R.E.P program developing and bridging the Sheenway Student Global Network.














DECEMBER 16th  Avalon near El Segundo

Had a lovely Sheenway Student Bakery pop-up in our Chow Wagon Saturday along side Sheenway alumnus Derrick Robinson.

Derrick is the owner of Big D's King of Soul that provides some of the BEST BBQ you'll ever taste!

The students gave away pumpkin bread samples, sang Christmas carols and gifted candy canes to children. Great holiday fun as students continue to develop great business acumen and provide elite customer service to our community.













Saturday - August 26th  12pm - 5pm  Inglewood Community Block Party












Saturday - August 1st  2pm - 5pm  LAPD NIGHT OUT

108th/Broadway LAPD station for the LAPD NIGHT OUT event.

Good times had by all and many new friends of Sheenway were made last night at the LAPD National Night Out located at our nearest 108th street station. Also, in attendance were long supporters of Sheenway School Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Grammy Award winner and Sheenway Board of Directors President Janice-Marie Johnson. The Sheenway Student Bakery team in our Chow Wagon was onsite providing delicious Pumpkin bread.


































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