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Returning to Sheenway

Provisional admissions planned for 2021 Fall Session
- to be determined by student/faculty testing & result facilitation



As California begins to find a new normal for the return to businesses, schools and public venues, be assured that Sheenway School and Culture Center has adopted regulatory changes approved by Los Angeles County (CDE; LACOE; CDC) in compliance with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.  Please review our current classroom and campus policies; your cooperation is needed as we face the challenges that threaten the academic progress of our youth. We appreciate your partnerships and look forward to continuing the Sheenway Experience with our traditional on-campus teaching and learning.


Students are monitored to ensure adherence of proper hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds; also, hand sanitizer containing at least 60% is available. Students will wash hands after restroom use, animal and garden activities, and post coughing or sneezing.  

Hand tissues are placed at each desk to intercept coughing and sneezing.  Used tissues are thrown in no-touch/foot pedal trash receptacles.  Students with communicable illnesses, however, cannot attend classes.  

Interior and exterior study/learning sites are arranged with more than adequate physical distancing, with no more than six students to one teacher per learning/study area.

Face masks are worn by instructors and students, with supportive hygiene etiquette shared with students and their families.

Students do not share books, supplies, or accessories, and each student has a cubby with personal storage for their own supplies and personal belongings. 

In addition to A.C., the north and south walls of our classrooms are lined with sliding screened glass doors, and with windows on the east and west walls, ensuring outdoor air ventilation if students do not have asthma symptoms. 

Seating and desks are at least six feet apart, facing in the same direction.  There is no mixing between groups of learners.  Social distance between instructors, and between teachers and students is observed.  

Arrival and dismissal schedules are staggered to limit contact between/among cohorts and/or parents and other family members.

Students are served individually plated hot meals with disposable food service items.  Food allergies are always taken in consideration. Toothbrushing is temporarily discontinued.



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